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      Lumos RX

      Niacinamide + Stem Cell Radiance Lotion
      87 reviews
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      A solution for all in pursuit of skin that looks more even, clear and naturally glowy.

      What it is:

      A potent brightening formulation of niacinamide, alpha arbutin, plant stem cells, plant peptides, astaxanthin, seaweed bioferment, licorice and vitamins C and E that is designed to fade dark spots, acne scars, age spots (liver spots) and hyperpigmentation, but is also excellent for hydrating, plumping and preventing damage from exposure to sun, wind and pollution.

      Why it's special:

      • Niacinamide is one of the most powerful ingredients for reducing discoloration and balancing your complexion.
      • Contains Alpha Arbutin, a naturally occurring antioxidant and one of the most effective skin-lightening and spot-fading actives for any kind of skin discoloration, be it caused by sun exposure, acne scarring, or melasma.
      • Plant stem cells have properties that make them perfect for brightening, plumping and firming skin.
      • Fades dark spots, improves texture, and visibly evens skin tone, naturally.
      • Reduces acne and scarring.
      • Safe for all skin types, vegan & cruelty-free

      Good To Know: Vegan, Natural, Gluten Free, Hypoallergenic, No Mineral Oils, No Animal Testing, No Phthalates, No Parabens, No Sulfates, Recyclable Packaging, Made In USA

      Size: (60ml | 2 oz.)


      • Niacinamide decreases hyperpigmentation and lightens dark spots.
      • Plant stem cells work to fight off wrinkles, plump, firm and brighten your complexion.
      • Alpha arbutin is a powerful brightening ingredient that's also known to rejuvenate dull, lackluster skin.
      • Smooths tone, eliminates free radicals and reduces fine lines.
      • Soothes irritated skin and keeps problems like eczema, psoriasis, and acne at bay.
      • Helps to protect against sun damage and prevents wrinkles.
      • Reduces inflammation and promotes the repair of damaged skin.

      Key ingredients

      Niacinamide, a.k.a. vitamin B3, helps the skin build the lipid barrier that’s essential for locking in moisture. Plus, it significantly decreases hyperpigmentation and increases skin lightness.

      Plant Stem Cells fight off wrinkles and plumps, firms and brightens skin.

      Botanical Hyaluronic Acid supplements your skin’s natural stores, providing the moisture it needs to stay supple and youthful. It also helps damaged skin heal faster by limiting inflammation, promoting blood flow, and repelling bacteria.

      CoQ10 is an antioxidant enzyme your body naturally creates, but production declines as you age. Supplementing it is one of the best ways to fight the effects of aging—it smooths tone, boosts repair processes, eliminates free radicals, and reduces fine lines.

      Vitamins C and E are essential fat-soluble antioxidants that reduce hyperpigmentation and scarring, prevent wrinkles, and smooth uneven skin.

      Olive Oil Squalane protects your skin with a clean, natural barrier that locks in moisture without clogging your pores. It fills the tiny spaces between cells, leaving your skin feeling smoother and softer.

      Aloe has serious anti-inflammatory powers, which makes it perfect for calming irritated skin and preventing acne. It’s also packed with antioxidants and vitamins, and it locks in moisture without feeling oily.

      Wakame Seaweed promotes skin elasticity and regeneration, in part by blocking the breakdown of your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid. It’s also full of antioxidants and B vitamins, which alleviate inflammation.

      Green Tea is rich in catechins, natural compounds that have proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers.

      Turmeric activates the skin’s most powerful anti-aging processes. It stimulates the production of anti-inflammatory proteins and internal antioxidants that eat up far more free radicals than any topical ingredient.

      Licorice contains potent antioxidants, which fight inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and visible signs of aging.

      Wild Cherry soothes irritated skin and keeps problems like eczema, psoriasis, and acne at bay.

      Blue Tansy has high concentrations of camphor, which reduces inflammation and promotes the repair of damaged skin.

      Who it's for

      Skin types

      • Hyperpigmented skin
      • Normal skin
      • Sensitive skin
      • Oily / Combination skin


      • Dark spots / hyperpigmentation
      • Dullness
      • Uneven complexion
      • Dehydration

      How to use & tips

      As the last step in your skincare routine, apply 1-2 pumps to your face, neck, and décolletage. For sensitive skin, use only at night. For normal to oily skin, use it in the morning before applying makeup or at the end of the day as a night cream.

      Expert tip: For best results, apply after using a nourishing serum like True Glow or Antioxidant.

      Available in kits:

      The Radiance Kit

      The Whole Truth Collection

      How we create carbon neutral skincare

      Our environmental commitment to nature and the sustainability of our planet is echoed in each bottle and further driven by our commitment to carbon-neutral manufacturing, eco-friendly bottling, and sourcing of only the finest earthbound ingredients.

      Every bottle of 2BETRUE is manufactured in the USA in a women-owned and operated facility, powered 100% by renewable wind energy.

      Every part of the products packaging is recyclable, and we bottle all of our products in glass - a fun and creative medium for tons of upcycling possibilities.

      Through our tree planting partner, The Eden Reforestation Project, we plant 1 Mangrove tree in Madagascar for every order we receive. Our Mangroves store 4x the carbon compared to tropical rainforests. This is one of the ways that we minimize the impact of all of the natural raw materials that we ask our beautiful earth to provide for us.


      What is it in Lumos RX that makes the skin brighter?

      This formula features niacinamide as its radiance-enhancer of choice, as well as:

      • Alpha Arbutin
      • Plant Peptides
      • Astaxanthin
      • Seaweed bioferment
      • Licorice
      • Vitamins C + E

      Is this ok for acne prone, oily skin?

      Absolutely! Niacinamide is an all-star ingredient that helps keep pores clear and fresh, making it perfect for those with acne prone skin.

      How long will this take to ship to me?

      Most orders arrive within 3-5 business days after you place an order. We will email you a tracking number as soon as it is available.

      Does this layer well with makeup?

      Yes. This lightweight formula sinks into the skin, giving you more even, clear and naturally glowy skin. It can be used under makeup.

      Save with Kits

      The Radiance Kit 

      Lumos RX + True Glow + Blackout + Clementine

      $99 $121 (Save $22)

      This four-step skincare routine is built around plant extracts that smooth away imperfections. Reverse dark spots, dullness, redness and breakouts in 4 easy steps.

      View The Radiance Kit →

      Shipping Details

      Enjoy FREE shipping on all orders over $40 (U.S. Only). All orders have a tracking number that we will e-mail to you once available from the carrier, and shipping takes 3-5 business days.

      Money Back Guarantee

      100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of delivery.

      Lumos RX
      87 reviews

      As Seen In

      "Loaded with everything your skin craves."

      "Expertly calibrated to reduce skin imperfections while promoting an all-day natural glow."

      Your skin, illuminated.

      Niacinamide, plant stem cells and antioxidant-rich botanicals are combined with moisturizing agents that mimic your skin’s natural hydration system and support collagen production. The result is a lotion that banishes spots, scars, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and dullness, restoring your glow from within.

      After three weeks:*

      • 100% said skin looked brighter
      • 96% said it reduced the appearance of dark spots
      • 97% said skin tone looked more even
      • 95% said looked more youthful

      *Based on a 46-subject consumer perception study after three weeks.

      Clinically proven to:**

      • Even skin tone
      • Improve skin radiance/brightness

      **Based on a 46-subject clinical study after nine weeks.

      For more even, clear and naturally glowing skin.

      "This product does a great job of reducing dark spots and evening out my complexion." - Misa R.

      The superstar of this team is clinically proven niacinamide, the brightener in this brightening formula. It’s paired with plant stem cells (think lots of collagen and smooth, firm skin), hyaluronic acid (makes skin look and feel plump and firm) and Astaxanthin (a potent antioxidant) to make a cocktail of naturally occurring compounds dedicated to repairing and smoothing your skin. Add a garnish of free radical fighters like green tea and wild cherry, and you have just the thing to satisfy your skin’s thirst for nourishment.

      A truly transformational lotion.

      A solution for all in pursuit of skin that looks more even, clear and healthy.

      Perfect as a daily moisturizer that does more than just deliver moisture, this is a truly transformational lotion that leaves skin looking and feeling soft, even, glowing and smooth while combating skin issues including hyperpigmentation, scaring and acne.


      "Loaded with everything your skin craves."

      Customer Reviews
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      A 2BETRUE Customer
      Nedra H.
      United States United States
      • What is your skin type? Normal
      Limos RX

      I came across this magnificent product on IG and decided to give it a try to remove the eczema spots and the results are astonishing. I am definitely ordering more.

      Renee C.
      United States United States
      now THIS is a great product!

      now this I like! I could see glowing results after the first use...I use it everywhere!! Anywhere you want to GLOW...use this! Will definitely order again! 5 stars!

      Monique S.
      US US
      Skin looks so clear and even :)

      I wasn't sure after seeing an instagram post for this, but after doing some research I decided to give this a try - and I am so hapy I did!! After using about a month, I can see a huge improvement, my dark spots are gone and my skin is looking much more balanced and fresh. I just purchased the True Glow and have been using that with the Lumos for about a week, and the results speak for themselves. My mom and my bf both said my skin looks amazing and I did not tell them before that I had been using a new product, so it's nice to hear honestly from people that this is working!

      Monica P.
      US US
      Really impressed

      I have sensitive skin and this does not irritate it, my acne scars are much less noticeable.

      Jasmine R.
      US US
      Great for correcting dark spots

      Love Lumos for my hyperpigmented skin!