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Stem Cell Renewal Night Cream
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While your brain is rejuvenating at night, your skin should be too. Skin plumping plant stem cells are the superhero of this cream, neutralizing free radicals and repairing the cellular damage that leads to sagging skin. We also add hydrating botanical hyaluronic acid, and the all-star dark spot fading niacinamide to this renewing night cream. The lush texture of this cream nourishes without clogging pores, leaving your skin looking tighter, brighter and fresh-faced for a brand new day.

Why it's special:

  • Plant stem cells and botanical hyaluronic acid are paired together to increase skin elasticity and reduce lines and wrinkles.
  • Niacinamide brightens skin and lightens dark spots.
  • Moisturizes your skin while protecting you from the irritants that lead to a blemished, uneven complexion.
  • Safe for all skin types.

Good To Know: Vegan, Natural, Gluten Free, Hypoallergenic, No Mineral Oils, No Animal Testing, No Phthalates, No Parabens, No Sulfates, Recyclable Packaging, Made In USA

Size: (60ml | 2 oz.)

Key ingredients

Plant Stem Cells are densely packed with antioxidants, making them perfect for sweeping up the free radicals that damage your skin and lead to wrinkles.

Aloe has serious anti-inflammatory powers, which makes it perfect for calming irritated skin and preventing acne. It’s also packed with antioxidants and vitamins, and it locks in moisture without feeling oily.

Botanical Hyaluronic Acid provides your skin the moisture needed to stay supple and youthful. It also helps damaged skin heal faster by limiting inflammation, promoting blood flow, and repelling bacteria.

Niacinamide, a.k.a. vitamin B3, helps the skin build the lipid barrier that’s essential for locking in moisture. Plus, it alleviates acne by limiting the production of acne-causing skin oils.

MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane, a naturally occurring compound that’s an essential building block in all your body’s tissues. It blocks the breakdown of collagen, reduces inflammation, and supports antioxidant action—an anti-aging triple threat.

Cocoa Butter isn’t just an amazing moisturizer—it’s rich in phytochemicals, which improve blood flow and help protect your skin from sun damage.

Castor is a bean whose oil is a multi-tasking skincare wonder. It reduces signs of aging with antioxidants, alleviates acne by repelling bacteria, calms inflammation, and moisturizes.

Sunflower Oil provides clean hydration that doesn’t clog pores, plus antioxidants to prevent skin damage and fatty acids to protect your skin from drying out.

Wakame Seaweed promotes skin elasticity and regeneration, in part by blocking the breakdown of your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid. It’s also full of antioxidants and B vitamins, which alleviate inflammation.

Lavender is a skincare powerhouse with the ability to kill bacteria, soothe dry skin, reduce hyperpigmentation, and smooth fine lines. Plus, it smells marvelous.

Clary Sage contains a phytochemical that controls oil production in your skin, alleviates irritation, and can even heal rashes.

Roman Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help calm skin irritations, reduce redness, and fade blemishes. It protects the skin from oxidative stress due to free radicals and encourages the production of the skin proteins collagen and elastin.

Raspberry Seed Oil protects your skin from the sun while delivering a curative dose of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and vitamin A.

Vitamins C and E are essential fat-soluble antioxidants that reduce hyper-pigmentation and scarring, prevent wrinkles, and smooth uneven skin.

Who it's for

Skin types

  • Hyperpigmented skin
  • Normal skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Oily / Combination skin


  • Dark spots / hyperpigmentation
  • Skin sagging / lack of firmness
  • Collagen loss
  • Dehydration

How to use & tips

In the evening, after cleansing and toning, apply all over your face, neck, and décolletage. Can be used under makeup.

Expert tip: For best results, follow with a nourishing serum like True Glow or Antioxidant.

Available in kits:

The Whole Truth Collection

How we create carbon neutral skincare

Our environmental commitment to nature and the sustainability of our planet is echoed in each bottle and further driven by our commitment to carbon-neutral manufacturing, eco-friendly bottling, and sourcing of only the finest earthbound ingredients.

Every bottle of 2BETRUE is manufactured in the USA in a women-owned and operated facility, powered 100% by renewable wind energy.

Every part of the products packaging is recyclable, and we bottle all of our products in glass - a fun and creative medium for tons of upcycling possibilities.

Through our tree planting partner, The Eden Reforestation Project, we plant 1 Mangrove tree in Madagascar for every order we receive. Our Mangroves store 4x the carbon compared to tropical rainforests. This is one of the ways that we minimize the impact of all of the natural raw materials that we ask our beautiful earth to provide for us.

The real beauty sleep.

The real beauty sleep.

We couldn’t stop at stem cells when nature offers so many other skin-healing champions. Botanic hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and MSM make a trio of natural-occurring compounds that moisturize, fight inflammation, and promote collagen production. Organic essential oils from lavender, clary sage, and chamomile are aromatherapy’s best sleep aids, and they soothe skin irritation while you snooze.

Wake up to healthy skin.

Wake up to glowing skin.

This luxurious night cream is formulated to be safe and effective for all skin types. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to improve elasticity, brighten and even complexion-issues and reduce fine lines.

"Expertly calibrated to reduce skin imperfections while promoting an all-day natural glow."

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Diana S.
Skin Feels Incredibly Nourished!

I apply this cream at night and love how refreshed and hydrated my skin feels in the morning. The smell is strong but doesn't bother me

Lauren K.
You WILL see a difference!

I've been using Stem at night for 2 months now. My skin looks so refreshed in the morning. I love it

Eva J.
Love the texture and scent

The texture is rich and you don't have to apply tons. The product is definitely long lasting. I also love the smell. It's on the strong side but you can tell it's from essential oils

Margie S.
Jar lasted me 2+ months

Long lsting night time cream. I feel so hydrated and protected before going to bed. Love it

Nancy S.
Can't get enough

Bes anti-aging skin cream I have tried.