What Causes Enlarged Pores and How to Treat Them

By Meredith Jennings

Enlarged pores. The phrase alone is enough to make any skincare enthusiast shudder. They're like that one guest at a party who doesn't quite know when they've overstayed their welcome. If you've found yourself up close and personal with your magnifying mirror, scrutinizing your skin, you've probably wondered, "Why are some pores acting like they're on a mission to be seen from space?"

But don't worry! It's time to pore over (see what we did there?) the facts about enlarged pores and serve up some practical solutions. So sit back, grab a green tea (it's great for your skin, you know!), and let's delve into the fascinating world of your skin's mini craters.

Pores: A Quick 101


First, let's get up close and personal with pores. We all have them. In fact, they cover our entire body. These tiny openings on our skin's surface are like micro doors to the follicles beneath, housing a hair and an oil gland. It's the gland's job to produce sebum, our skin's natural oil that keeps it moisturized and plump. Now, when these oil-producing glands get a little overzealous, or other factors come into play, that's when our pores might just go from subtle to shouty.

The Culprits behind Enlarged Pores


There are a few main culprits to the crime of enlarged pores:

  1. Excess Oil Production: When your sebaceous glands decide to pump out oil like there's no tomorrow, this can result in larger looking pores. This extra oil mixes with dead skin cells in a not-so-fabulous cocktail, creating a plug that makes the pore appear larger.

  2. Aging and Sun Damage: As our skin's elasticity decreases with age and the additional bonus of sun damage, our pores can end up looking like they've loosened their belt a few notches. Sun damage and aging can cause the skin around pores to thicken, making them stand out.

  3. Genetics: Sometimes, it's just a roll of the genetic dice. If large pores are a common trait in your family, you might have inherited the same.

So, How Can We Treat Them?


Though we can't eliminate pores from our skin entirely, we can make them appear less noticeable. How, you ask? By tapping into the power of certain key ingredients that help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. This is where our skincare superhero, Clementine Hyaluronic Milk Toner, takes the stage. Let's explore:

  1. Organic Aloe: Like a gentle lullaby that soothes an irritated baby, aloe calms and comforts your skin, making pores less conspicuous.

  2. Vegan Glycerin: Glycerin is like the ultimate skin drink, drawing moisture to your skin and keeping it hydrated. With its help, your pores can look less like open craters and more like smooth plains.

  3. Clementine Essential Oil: Not only does this provide a fresh, fruity scent, but it's also a fantastic cleaner, helping to keep your pores free from gunk.

  4. Turmeric: Turmeric is pretty much the Swiss army knife of skincare ingredients, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that could help reduce the appearance of your pores.

  5. Organic Licorice: If oil overproduction is your issue, licorice comes to the rescue by helping to keep oil in check, reducing the likelihood of your pores going into expansion mode.

Our Clementine Hyaluronic Milk Toner is a gentle yet high-performance formulation of ingredients dedicated to helping reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Incorporating it into your routine is like giving your skin not only help minimize pores, but this award-winning anti-aging toner helps prepare your skin to absorb the rest of your routine.

So, why wait? Give your pores the attention they deserve, just without the magnifying mirror. After all, you're beautifully unique, pores and all!

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